This is a seemingly senseless triple guitar. Isn’t this why the world has Roadies? Do they make a gig bag for something this ridiculous? Does one get this at Sam Ash? Guitar Center? Hot Topic? 6 string, 10 string, 8 string? That is a pretty silly combo. Classicly stupid but secretly I want to play it.

Pizza boy

This is both an interesting guitar and an interesting human. Thankfully he has taken he time to write “pizza” on the fretboard or else we might not know what this ESP guitar is supposed to be.

DREW’S PICK Web Site –

This is an incredible site for the guitar beginner. There is a ton of stuff on here that is real helpful for anyone looking to pick up the guitar or get better at guitar. There are lots of videos, tabs, lessons, and fingering charts. He breaks songs down from beginner to more advanced and even has a spot for some classic guitar solos. There’s also embedded tools like a timer and a metronome.

This is a great reference guide.. the chord index page:

This is a sample beginner song:

Thanks Justin Sandercoe. Consider visiting, donating, or buying something from his site.